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"Red Writing Hood" has been on the poetry scene since 2008. She shocked audiences with her first spoken word pieces ever written titled "Club Scene" and "Revolving Doors", poems she is most known for. Stage-raised at the Literary Café with "Will Da Real One" as her mentor, she has been EXPLOSIVE on the Miami Scene. "Red Writing Hood" is the voice of women all over highlighting topics in her works such as Domestic Violence, Relationships, and the struggles of being a single mother.  In her accomplishments thus far, she keeps a very modest and humble spirit. God has blessed her with a gift and incredible talent that has touched the hearts and souls of many. 

She has been on stages with Neo-Soul Singer Anthony David, Jill Scott, Sevyn Streeter, and opened for the Legendary Patti Labelle. Her remarkable work has earned her features Nationally including Performances aboard "Carnival Cruiselines" to the Bahamas and on the International waters of Jamaica. She is a two-time award recipient of "South Florida's Female Poet of the Year", also of the "Spit Your Pen" Award in 2012, and the GANSPA Award in 2016.

"Red Writing Hood" also appears in the newest Spoken Word TV Show, "The Golden Mic", Hosted By Sunni Patterson. (2017)

Since her arrival on the Poetry scene, she has released two projects.  "Heartbeat Of A Single Mother" released in 2011, and "Red Tape", a Spoken Word Mixtape released in 2016.

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