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Delivering poetic encouragement under the pseudonym Poettis, she has graced the stages of universities, blessed the pulpits of churches, and freestyled pure entertainment while collecting poetry slam wins from the Sistrunk corridor to the rest of the world.


Whether you’ve met her as Sapp in the classroom, Poettis in the poetry community or as Katrina Jo  at a conference or service, the takeaway is always the same; a poetic voice that makes you want to be a better person. However it is her ability to help people free themselves from the mental and behavioral chains that keep them from living a unfearful life that is most rewarding!


Through her work as  a creative writing facilitator, coach, freestyling spoken word poet,  and educator, she serves as an inspirational motivator of people from all walks of life. On any given day you will find her coaching her students and mentees, past and present, into their awesome destinies.

The Queens


A Night of Power, Wisdom, Truth, Strength, Survival and Queendom!